(via CurveNY Spring/Summer 2014: My Favorite Looks for Full Busts)


Claudette Dessous Sucre set in Neon Orange


Here’s my new Curvy Kate fleurty bra ! it’s so gorgeous ! I’m in love <3 

Fits a tiny bit small for me but way WAY better than my regular bras ! I’m happy ^_^


A sneak peek at some of the SS14 @loveclaudette Dessous colors arriving this January! #pink (at Faire Frou Frou)


Bravissimo vintage Elsa bra 32F


my mimzy bought me some new clothes c:

I got a blue corset, a pair of jeggings and a pretty dress

all from Torrid

(please ignore my silly faces and look at my cute new clothes)

this blog is kind of rude and nitpicky :/

it laces up, it has boning. i’m going to call it what it says on its tag.

my sister has this ugly fedora that she wears everywhere and i just want to throw it in a fire but i will not because she loves it and i love her


if you slim down characters to make them ‘sexier’ in your fanart, we can’t be friends

am i wearing no shirt? am i wearing a tube top? u’ll never knooooooow


if u ever get dysphoria from having to use gendered bathrooms just pretend ur a spy like “hehehe they all think I’m one of them”